Rabu, 23 Februari 2011


Level Cap : 80
XP Rate: 1000x
Sell Rate : 60x
Drop Rate : 30x

~ Edited lv 65/80 items and made them untradable

~ Edited the current NPC's and added the current and new items

~ Added Sk's/Animus/Mau's/Trap's/Tower's Lv 80

~ Reedited the Archon Armors stats/defence

~ Reedited ALL the lv 80 items/weapons and balanced the stats

~ Added new lv 80 items such the granade launcher/shield's ect ect

~ Cora and Bellato female armors textures are now fixed and the armors for each female class should rappresent normally to the player so no more transparent female characters.

~ The PVP points are fixed along with certain points and temporary points and the tables are changed now.The PVP points starts to work from LV 55 now,instead of LV 40 earlyer!

~ Level experience tables are remade and now the player needs the twice more exp each level to level up to the next level.Thats starting to affect the experience from lv 65 to 80.
*example from lv 65 to 66 u need 100 exp ; from lv 66 to 67 u need 200 exp ; and so on.

Server just wiped and server rates are increased.
The game control panel has been updated to the lastest version,and there are new categorys added.
The dupe methods that are known for the 2.2.3 server are now fixed and the players cannot dupe in any possible way anymore!
The current max level is 65,removed the  need to do quests  to level up so basicly  there is no need to do any quests  to be able to level up to 80!
PB's dropps are also edited along with other mobs located all over the RF world,Elven map is fixed and the  mobs there are edited and made more harder.
The experience bug that affect most of the 2.2.3 servers is now resolved and people cannot abuse of that bug to level up anymore!
More news to come!

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